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We are always accepting submissions. We are looking for creative non-fiction essays, poetry, fiction short stories, field recordings and other audio. We are seeking visual art of all mediums. Although we do not accept standard photography submissions, we do appreciate visuals to accompany the writing we publish and we are particularly interested in photo essays. We love collaborations and welcome multi-disciplinary submissions pushing the boundaries of categorization. We love to see lyricism shake hands with journalism. If you don’t know how to label your work but think it is a good fit for Foreigner, please send it on anyways.

We accept (and hope for) submissions in all languages, but please provide an English translation if possible as our multi-lingual team is still growing. We love multiple translations of one poem or piece, so if you write in Swahili, French, and Arabic, feel free to send your work in all 3. Not only do multiple translations provide a broader audience and range of people making sense of your work, in comparison they also bring much larger context and insight to the reader.

Please send your submissions to

In your email please let us know where you are from and where your work revolves around. This data will be included in our online index of published work.

Important: Foreigner is not a travel blog. Please do not submit your travel diary or recommendations of tour guides and hostels around the world. Your submissions will not be considered. Foreigner is a publication of literary and artistic work.

As of now, we cannot pay our contributors, as we do not pay ourselves.


We visualize the future of Foreigner as a hub for the underground global literary arts scene where unheard narratives can be shared and untapped visions can be collaborated upon.

How can you support Foreigner? We believe in the DIT (do it together) method of organizing.

We are always looking for volunteer worldwide publicists. Want to see contributors from where you’re from or where you’re stationed? Spread the word. Feel free to print the flyers below and post them at local and traveler hot-spots. Want to make your own ad for Foreigner? Have a new promotion idea for us? Let’s get in touch.

We are looking for translators on an as-needed basis. Usually, we will post calls for translators online.

Want Foreigner at your event? Shoot us some details. We love to travel.

Foreigner is always accepting donations from those who support our mission. We make no money and are completely self-funded.

We are always ready to talk and would love to hear from you. If you see Foreigner, please tag us on Instagram @foreigner.mag

Foreigner does not have a home-base. Foreigner is somewhere in the world. Have you seen Foreigner?