welcome to the world of literary arts

Foreigner is the first in-motion international magazine of its kind, publishing literature and art derived from locations around the globe. The writing here revolves around place and identity. We are particularly interested in work exploring transiency, migration, tourism, our relationship to topography, and glocalization. We are looking for pieces dealing with the dynamic between the foreigner and the local, the relationship between races and ethnicities. We are interested in international politics. We believe difficult conversations revolving around stereotypes are important. We want to think about the dichotomy of border and frontier. We want to examine nationalisms and modern imperialism alongside immigrant and refugee experiences. We believe the inter-mingling of cultures is vital to a world of understanding and equality. There are 195 countries in the world and we want to hear voices from all of them.

Foreigner is an underground DIT project that is not refined nor institutionalized nor free of impurities. The writing and art found here is currently happening around the world and is collected and curated and traded by Foreigner. Think Silk Road meets publishing.

Foreigner actively publishes online with pieces coming out in real time.

Physical issues of Foreigner will be curated as pieces are accepted and given away for free wherever Foreigner is at the time of publication.

In the future, we hope to have issue release events around the world.

Every issue of Foreigner will be available online in our indexes.